Alma - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How can I see what apartments are available?

All available apartments are advertised for rent on our website under Available Apartments. If you are interested in looking at an advertised apartment, it’s best to e-mail us at and we’ll let you know when the property will be available for viewing. You can also contact us on Facebook.

How do I apply for an apartment?

To apply for an apartment with Alma, you must fill out an application on our website. Each advertisement has an “Apply” button. Clicking on it opens an application form and a checklist of the documents that must accompany the application.

What documents must accompany the application?

It is preferable to attach the application documents when submitting the application through the website. If this is not possible, the documents can be e-mailed to or submitted at Alma’s office at Suðurlandsbraut 30, 108 Reykjavík.

The following documents must accompany each application:

  • Confirmation of employment, school attendance, or financial assistance
    This is generally a printed and signed confirmation in the case of larger companies, the public sector, or educational institutions. In the case of smaller companies, an e-mail from the employer (from a company e-mail address) is sufficient.
  • Reference from a previous landlord
    If you have been in the rental market before, we would like to have a reference from a previous landlord. The reference must include the name and ID no. of the previous landlord, the name and ID no., of the applicant, the period of the lease and contact information.
  • Power of attorney to obtain an individual’s credit rating from Creditinfo
    You can obtain your credit rating at and e-mail it to us. Alma does not reimburse the cost of credit ratings obtained by the applicant. Applicants who are unable to look up their credit rating themselves can come to our office and sign a power of attorney to permit Alma to look up their credit rating. Information on the price of a credit assessment can be found in Creditinfo’s list of tariffs. Note that it is not enough to scan the power of attorney and send it by e-mail.
  • SCriminal record certificate
    Criminal record certificates can be obtained from all District Commissioner’s offices. A criminal record certificate does not have to accompany the application but must be submitted if the application is approved, before the lease is signed, for all residents 18 years and older.

More details on the handling of personal data can be found in the company’s Privacy Policy.

When do I get an answer to my application?

The application is reviewed when all application documents have been submitted. We generally try to review and respond to all applications within one week of all documents being submitted.

Can I sign up for a waiting list?

Of course! Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list. We’ll let you know as soon as an apartment that meets your needs is about to become available.

Do I have to put up a security deposit?

Yes, we require all tenants to provide a security deposit amounting to either two or three months' rent before a contract is signed, depending on the agreement selected. The deposit may be in the form of cash deposited to Alma’s custody account, a bank guarantee from a commercial bank, rent guarantee insurance from or a guarantee from Leiguskjól.

Can I rent a property from Alma despite being on the default register?

We know that people’s situations can vary, and we want to do our best to serve as many people as possible. Each case is examined and evaluated on an individual basis, meaning that applications are not automatically rejected if the applicant is listed on the default register.

Are pets allowed in Alma’s apartments?

Alma loves pets and we allow pets in all our properties, although we ask you to inform us in advance if you intend to bring a pet into your home. Please note that residents of multi-dwelling buildings and those who share a stairwell with others must observe house rules and contact other owners and/or residents of the building to seek their consent for the keeping of animals, in accordance with the Multi-Owner Buildings Act.

How many apartments does Alma own and where are they located?

Alma owns and operates approximately 1100 apartments. A large proportion of them is located in the southwest corner of the country; in the Greater Reykjavík area, Suðurnes, Selfoss and Akranes. Alma also has apartments in Akureyri, Reyðarfjörður and other parts of the country.

How are apartments handed over?

Before an apartment is handed over, a detailed inspection of the premises is carried out and everything is photographed. Once this has been done, we will ask you to read the resulting report carefully and confirm it with your signature if you have no comments on its contents. The inspection report is intended to ensure the safety of both parties, as it is essential that the condition of the apartment is carefully documented at the start of the lease period. The report will then be used as a reference when the apartment is returned at the end of the lease agreement.

Before the apartment is handed over, you must put up a security deposit, the amount of which depends on the type of lease agreement. Please also note that an administration fee is collected at the start of the term of the agreement, to be paid before the apartment is handed over. The administration fee is ISK 40,000.

What do I do if the apartment needs maintenance?

Alma strives to have well-maintained properties where our customers feel comfortable. We employ a team of professionals to perform necessary maintenance and repair work. Maintenance requests are sent to our e-mail address, We assess all requests as they are received and respond appropriately. We do our best to process all requests as soon as possible.

How is the rent paid?

Lease payments for Alma’s apartments are paid in advance, one month at a time. We will send you a payment slip for the coming month's rent at the end of each month. Payment slips are sent out electronically or by mail if specifically requested. The deadline is 7 days after the due date.

If the rent is not paid by the deadline, the debt is automatically sent to Motus for initial collection. If it is still unpaid 15 days later, it will be moved to the interim collection. Non-payment of rent can result in termination of the lease agreement and legal recovery of the debt.

Do I have to come to you to sign a lease agreement?

No, you can sign it anywhere and anytime with a digital signature. We will e-mail you a lease agreement for you to sign with a digital certificate. Keep in mind that it is not yet possible to officially register an electronic copy of a lease agreement. If you intend to register your lease agreement, you will have to sign it by hand on certified archival paper.

Can I apply for housing benefits when I rent from you?

We encourage everyone who is entitled to monthly housing benefits to apply for them. You can apply for housing benefits at the website of the Housing and Construction Authority. On the website you can also find a calculator to help you estimate the amount to which you are entitled to. Alma registers the lease agreement in the HMS housing database

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