Alma - Price list

Price list

Administration fee - ISK 40,000

The administration fee is charged at the beginning of a new lease. This applies when a new customer begins renting one of our premises. The administration fee includes the costs of the application process, an inspection of the premises, condition report, contractual process and documentation.

Name change - ISK 10,000

We allow a change of name on the lease agreement following a divorce, a change in payment ability, and/or other unexpected events, in which case a new party agrees to take over the agreement in its current form and takes over all the responsibilities of the previous customer. A name change fee is not collected following the death of a spouse or flatmate.

Registration fee - ISK 5,000

We can handle the whole registration process for you. You only need to sign the hard copy of the lease on certified archival paper, and we will take care of the rest for you. Printing on certified archival paper is included in the price.

Copy on certified archival paper - ISK 2,500

We use digital signatures in our day-to-day work. If you intend to have the agreement registered, you must print it on certified archival paper and both parties must sign the original hard copy. This can easily be done at any time, regardless of whether the agreement was originally signed with a digital certificate.

A new copy of the original agreement - ISK 1,000

If you want a new copy of the lease agreement for some reason, you can easily get it at our offices.

Transfer fee - ISK 120,000

A transfer fee is charged when a customer moves between apartments within Alma. The fee is paid to terminate the current agreement and cancel the notice period and includes an inspection fee and administration costs for the agreement on the new apartment. If the remaining term of the current agreement is less than a month, we will not collect a transfer fee.