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About us

Alma is an independent rental company owned by Langasjávar ehf. The company owns and operates almost 1,100 apartments located in the capital area and around the country.

Alma's role is to invest in, operate and manage the leasing of residential properties to individuals. At the same time, the company offers larger investors in the housing market comprehensive services for the management of rental apartments, such as advertising, selection of tenants, document preparation and management of property collection and maintenance.

Alma's strategy is to offer its customers safe and quality rental housing, a high level of service and flexibility, in order to make the rental market in Iceland more professional, family-friendly and reliable.

Alma has 17 full-time employees, as well as a number of contractors from around the country. The company was founded in 2014 and its CEO is Ingólfur Árni Gunnarsson.

The company's board consists of Gunnar Þór Gíslason, chairman, Eggert Árni Gíslason and Erna Gísladóttir.